Bahgat Sabry Group (BSG) holds a Sohour event at B-Zamalek South


In a very hospital Ramadan atmosphere, Consultant Engineer Bahgat Sabry, founder and Chairman of BSG, welcomed the distinguished guests of the Sohour event the group held for the clients of Constructa Real Estate Development and the company’s success partners.

It is worth noting that Constructa is owned by the PSG Group and has been operating in the Egyptian market since 2011 and has implemented and delivered commercial projects in the New Administrative Capital, New Cairo, and elsewhere. This is in addition to BSG’s active business in the field of touristic development, as well as obtaining franchises for local and international brands. The event was held at Zamalek South branch of B-CHAIN, owned by BSG. The event included many prominent and social figures as well as businessmen, and investors in the real estate field among others. The event also included prominent media figures, and everyone enjoyed a wonderful evening in a joyful, musical atmosphere.

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